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Every business has a wish to reach thousands of potential customers per day. While this can be achieved by methods such as TV ads, online ads, or the like, the fact that remains is that your reach is determined – or hindered – by the extent of ‘traffic’ of those who frequent those TV channels or websites.

Now, consider this: your local interstate is frequented by a different sort of traffic, ranging from your local commuters to tourists alike. ‘Motorists’ are a wide-ranging and diverse demographic in and of itself, but their passengers also contribute to this range as well. Imagine the furthest reach of this demographic – that of ‘travelers’, which create an immense statistic in such a broad term:

Haywood County has the advantage of being located in close proximity of the intersection of 1-26 and I-40. These two highways are a link to a whopping 50% percent of the US population being within one day’s drive. That means a lot of potential customers for your hotel, restaurant or convenience store

With as many passersby as one could imagine that percentage would entail, one could then imagine how many of them would benefit from noticing your business logo on these interstates’ exit signs. What some may dismiss as a seemingly mundane detail is often the key detail for creating new patronage from those whose fleeting visit through town may otherwise leave your business overlooked. Instead, with your name on a sign on an interstate, you have the option of directing (or reminding) your local clientele to your business location, as well as conveying the convenience of your location to those just stopping by. Local advertisements may help – and often do – but imagine how many people drive by having never been exposed to a local ad? A sign on the highway is practically unmissable, and is not limited to those who are ‘in the know’. The purpose of advertising, we feel, is that nobody should miss out on the chance to know about your business.

How can A to Z help?

Thankfully, if this idea appeals to you, we are a local source that can help make this possible for you. A to Z Signs & Engraving, Inc. has – in addition to furnishing surrounding communities with signs or logos that we see every day – taken the next step in helping local businesses get their names out to the thousands of travelers who frequent our highways, from origins near and far, via these highway exit signs.

We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we consistently work within the parameters of NCDOT production specifications and standards. Our products are not only ‘industry-standard’ quality, but are created with longevity and style in mind.

Of course, with any interstate sign, there will be standard procedures which the customer will have to undertake with the NC Department of Transportation. We can help you navigate through this process! When you call on us, you get to talk to a real, local team who are versed in making this experience personable and easy for you. We really enjoy helping our clients turn this idea into a reality.

As a trusted name for Interstate signage, as well as other sign productions in this region, what gives us joy at A to Z Signs & Engraving is the satisfaction of our customers. Customer satisfaction remains our main driving force. We take an individual interest in every client, and we have a sense of pride every time a familiar face walks back into our door for another job. Plainly put, we want your business, and we want to keep it, so we strive to ensure that we make a good first impression.

When it comes to custom designs of highway logo signs, we remain your source for Interstate signage that guarantees you 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to be your one-stop-shop and take it upon ourselves to ensure that outstanding results are always achieved.

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