Purpose of Name Plates: Personalized Desk Name Plates

Custom Name Plates

Purpose of Name Plates: Personalized Desk Name Plates

Name plates are generally used by organizations to identify the occupants of the office spaces, desks, or cubicles. They are usually made of materials such as specialty plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, and occasionally, bronze or multi-layered plates of acrylic.  Typical name plates normally contain a line of text or two, showing the name of the person and his/her job title.

While the desk name plates of employees have a more standard and uniform look.  We encourage customers to explore their creative side and get some beautifully personalized name plates for your office or for those colleagues who have made your work enjoyable.

An alternative to desk name plates are corridor name plates which are displayed near the outside of an office door and are either flush on the wall or perpendicular to the wall to be viewed down the hallway.

The following are some purposes of name plates:

Means of Encouragement

As some supervisor or personnel manager, the need may arise to present to your employees with some custom designed name plates as a means of encouraging and/or rewarding jobs well done. Presenting someone who met company goals with a special personalized desk name plate will certainly have a positive impact. Your employee should appreciate this gesture for a time.

The name plate will be a source of encouragement and motivation anytime the employee settles in the office and looks at his/her name engraved on a custom desk plate. The reason can include being the employee of the month or maybe becoming a top sales representative. 

 Showcase their Worth to the Organization

Name plates offer you an incredible opportunity to showcase the worth of your employee to your organization. You may not realize the importance people attach to their names and positions. The personalized name plates contain the employees name and title visibly written on it. This shows how important such an employee has been to the organization.

Appreciate Years of Service

A staff member that has dedicated many years of hard-work to a company will cherish all the appreciation that comes with it. Reflecting this in a specially personalized name plate will be a wonderful way to show the employee how much the company appreciates his or her dedication and commitment to work. This will encourage them and positively motivate their endeavors.

Rare Gift

Rare gifts are the most appreciated. As a gift, personalized name plates will be a strong way to express your appreciation to a great performance. There is no need to make this in an official manner. In fact, you can have a beautiful name plate engraved with your employee’s nickname – the one everyone calls him or her.

There you have it! All the above is some of the reasons for special name plates. While the common purpose of name plates is to display the names of employees and perhaps their job title, there are WAYS that accurately timed personalized name plates can do in terms of promoting encouragement, friendliness and positive energy in the work place.



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