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Even before the time of vinyl vehicle wraps, it used to be that everyone knew that if you own a business you must advertise that business in order to bring in new patrons and to generate new interest in your business. It is commonly known that the best method of advertising is by word of mouth and by personal reference.  Not too long ago, the advertising method of choice for local businesses was the phone directory advertising pages. If a person needed a specific service, they could search in the advertising section of the phone book in a specific category (and hope you found the right category) to find the available professionals in their area. But in today’s world, with the widespread use of the internet and social media, advertising is much different.

Modern society is very visual. We must be able to see what we are getting before we take the plunge. With cell phones and mobile devices of every dimension, we find what we are looking for active and “on the go” visuals. Therefore mobile advertising is becoming much more important than ever before. Vehicle wraps and/or graphics not only advertise to those who know your product or business, but also alerts those customers who were not familiar with your product or ideas or unaware of their existence prior to seeing your vehicle on the roadways. This visual alert activates the imagination and notifies your senses that you have been looking for this product or service and may not realize it!

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

You may ask, just what is a vehicle wrap? First of all, most types of vehicles can be wrapped; cars, trucks, boats, semi-trucks and trailers, bus, plane, most likely any vehicle. A wrap is a graphic that is designed professionally to optimize effect, and is printed on a special vinyl that will adhere to your vehicle’s exterior. A vehicle wrap is most widely used as a mobile business card or billboard to advertise services or products available and contact information. Other wraps simply decorate, such as stripes or flames or flowers on a power boat or sports car or Mom’s van. A business may choose to design its wrap using their own logo or a collage of photos from their business. Or perhaps a franchise may wish to create a fleet of advertisements! The wraps are removable and if any information changes, it can be replaced.

Vehicle wraps are installed professionally to maximize the extreme preciseness needed and is often mistaken for a custom paint job. Wraps can also cover windows but only the rear side and rear windows and cover any desired portion of the car including the roof. A vehicle wrap that is installed and removed professionally should not damage the paint job; it actually protects it from the elements!

How We Can Help

At A to Z Signs & Engraving, you can count on us from concept to completion! Whether you are a startup business or an established Franchise in need of a fresh new look, we can help your business gain recognition and build your profile through graphic design.

Your satisfaction is our top priority and you’ll experience it by browsing our top-of-the-line materials, our high quality, professional work and customer service. You’ll not only come away with an excellent product, but your business should gain instant notoriety as well. No business is too big or too small, we stand behind our motto: “Quality Service – Distinctive Products”

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A Guide to Custom Vehicle Wraps

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